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Top 3 virtual reality games attractive for you

In recent years, VR is following a new trend, and with it, new applications that make VR games more attractive and amazing have also been created.

As virtual reality continues to evolve, it is only natural that new games replace old ones with little actual experience.

And below are the top 3 virtual reality games that we learn and synthesize in the following article:

1. Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 VR an exclusive virtual reality game from HTC Vive. This is game 4 Fallout. When playing, you will enjoy Wasteland expansions, stories, music, a new building system. It can be said that this is a great game. It does not shake everything but polishes the elements that have been set up for the game like role-playing, etc. With VR technology tracking and full-motion controls, Fallout 4 in virtual reality is even more ambitious than its original, leaving users to play this game with the HTC Vive in hand.

2. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a well-paced game and requires you to have a quick reaction along with maintaining your fitness until the song is over. Along with the virtual reality controller in hand, you get to use the blue, red light swords like in Star Wars and cut through the colored blocks that run through the song’s time and rhythm. In fact, this game does not need to explain much about how to play, but to play well, it requires players to practice regularly, stay calm in all situations, and always have high accuracy.

Beat Saber was first released on the PC version, and it also comes with an exclusive custom track maker. However, the version for PS VR released at the end of 2018 has had enough of its exclusive content.

3. Edge of Nowhere (Oculus Rift Exclusive)

Edge of Nowhere is the third-person adventure to see Victor’s character on a quest to find his fiancée Ava, who got lost on an expedition to Antarctica. To find his fiancée Ava, the player must role-play and guide Victor through the tundra, fighting off fearsome monsters and majestic ice walls as he falls more and more into a state of insanity.