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The most interesting online role-playing games to play on PC nowadays (Part 2)

Secret Worlds Legends

The world’s first role-playing horror MMORPG set in the modern world. The game allows gamers to travel around the world in maps of countries such as Japan, Egypt, Great Britain, or China. Gamers freely develop characters based on weapons available or purchased in the in-game store.

DC Universe Online

The game was published by Daybreak Game Company and Warner Bros. Game for the first time in 2011. Players are free to customize their character’s abilities and weapons. In particular, gamers are allowed to choose flying or super speed skills to move around the map.


Developed from the famous Dragons & Dungeons board game in the 70s and 80s. The game allows players to choose from 8 different professions and races with their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, the game provides players with a set of tools to design game maps to create much rich gameplay.


Developed by the Obsidian Entertainment team from Russia, an action RPG that breaks down the traditional principles of MMORPG. Players have the right to choose and play many different professions while experiencing the game.

SkyForge Developed by the Obsidian Entertainment team from Russia

SkyForge offers a “prestige” system that increases stats depending on the player’s choice. At the same time, new jobs are unlocked when the player accumulates a certain amount of “prestige”.

Blade and Soul – Ruins of Khanda Vihar

As we all know, the blockbuster online game Blade and Soul was released in English at the end of 2015, officially opened to the public for free in January this year, and attracted a large number of role-playing game lovers. Currently, this game is preparing to update to a new version and becomes more and more worthwhile!

The most attractive highlight of Blade and Soul is the action-oriented combat mechanism and is completely non-target. The in-game auto-locating system only helps you to focus on the target more clearly, but still can’t make your attacks truly accurate.

What’s more special in Blade and Soul comes from the skill combo system, as well as the requirement to accumulate Soul points so that players can launch special combos. Soul points will increase over time but usually increase faster when the player unleashes normal attacks or blocks an opponent’s moves.