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Sports betting takes technology products to new heights

The fact that the US Supreme Court officially legalized sports betting in May 2018 was the biggest boost, prompting the online betting industry to create artificial intelligence products and using high technology.

In a country where illegal sports betting is up to 150 billion USD/year like in the US, developing a highly interactive online betting application will bring a huge profit. During the past four years, the WSC Group of Israel has been a close partner of the NBA in applying AVGEN (Automatic Video Generator) technology to create video highlights, synthesizing notable situations during football matches. the basket automatically, even after the situation is over.

These video highlights spark excitement for fans in predicting what will happen next in the match, thereby betting on possible possibilities. It is the success of WSC Sports that motivates other technology giants such as VSiN and Optimove to invest more heavily in the online sports betting segment.

Technology application and online betting

WBC Sports is showing success in terms of technology application and online betting. While sports betting has grown in Europe for many years, the US is a nascent market. This was after the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was officially wiped out.

On the other hand, a lot of media outlets in the US are development-oriented like sportsbooks, where users can access and bet on whatever sport they want.

Sports betting takes technology products to new heights

Based on the history of past visits, the betting app will display the odds information that fans are interested in. There will even be attractive rewards for those who visit the application many times. This is not only the direction of WSC Sports in the online betting segment but also the general operation of some popular service packages in the world such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

With the advancement of technology, betting has never been as easy as it is now. Optimove is a veteran name in the sports betting market. Many of the Tech Group’s customers are part of ERG Power 50, a list of the world’s most influential online bookmakers published annually by Intel Corporation. Optimove provides services to assist betting companies in interacting with app users through touchpoints, every click, even interacting through email.

Based on data relating to betting firms’ activities as well as user interaction with online betting applications, Optimove will develop a predictive plan. This is an important basis for this Technology Group to come up with the idea of ​​creating new products and services.

Betting apps

Instruction for installing betting applications on your mobile devices

To prepare players for a more convenient and easy betting season, a series of online bookmakers have launched a mobile betting software application. When you download this software to your computer, players who want to bet, just use only one mobile phone with an internet connection.

The famous and reputable bookmakers are currently selected by many players, such as the bookmaker M88, fun88, W88, Dafabet, 12bet, 188BET… In response to the love of love and trust. Amost all of these bookmakers have launched betting apps on mobile phones that players can download and use.

Regardless of which player currently betting at an online dealer, wanting to install a betting app for his or her phone, they must take the following basic steps.

Finding the safe link to download the betting app

Find the link to download the betting application of each dealer, which can be the link to download the betting application, players can find each link individually depending on the house they participate in. Earn a combination of betting links using software for all reputable bookmakers, then select the link of the bookmaker you bet.

Finding the link to download the app is not only dependent on the dealer. However, the phone the player uses also affects this. If you are using a mobile phone with an iOS, you must find the download link supporting this operating system.

Or if you use an Android phone, you must use the download link compatible with the operating system. IOS and Android are the two most popular operating systems available today. So, almost all of the bookmakers write their support applications for these two operating systems.

After the software is downloaded to the phone, the player proceeds to install it on their device. Next, to play bets simply and quickly on the phone, players just need to use the old account. Or, they can create a new one to log into the application.

Just find the right quality, legitimate download link directly provided by reputable bookmakers. Then, players will find that installing betting apps is very simple, quick, and easy.

Betting apps

Top 3 reputable bookmakers with the best betting application (Part 1)

For the convenience of players, soccer bookmakers have created mobile betting applications. Capture the need to play betting anytime, anywhere, not limited to space and time.

Football bookmakers are constantly improving and upgrading their mobile applications to the best. Let’s take a look at the Top 4 football bookmakers with the most beautiful and user-friendly mobile apps.

1. Betting apps of Fb88

Established not long ago, but brought a great sympathy for the player. Because of the clear understanding of what the player needs and responding in the best way, giving the House Fb88 outstanding membership registration.

The bookie web interface and eye-catching mobile application are the highlights of this house. From design to design, bring a great experience. Take the green tones as the key, layout of extremely scientific menu functions. The football house of Fb88 app fully meets your needs from making deposits, withdrawing money, placing bets, chatting with support staff …

In addition to betting football on the mobile application, you can watch live football matches, tracking each happenings on the field most easily. Moreover, you can play all of the house’s games like Slot Game, Lottery, Online Casino…

The page loading speed is fast, helping players not to miss the betting moments during the match. Fb88 deserves the number 1 position in the ranking of bookmakers with the best betting apps.

Fb88 supports mobile applications on the two most popular platforms, Android and IOS. Currently Fb88 provides 2 independent applications.

The reputable house Fb88 is one of the most dynamic, creative and prestigious online football and online betting companies. Fb88 has rapid development, capturing much of the hearts of the players. Fb88 offers you superior product quality, advanced online betting technology and the best playing experience.

2. W88 football betting app

W88 is considered the leading football bookmaker in the field of soccer betting. Due to long market penetration, W88 has built itself a strong empire. Undoubtedly, the W88 dealer is always the first choice name when taking part in football betting as well as online casino.

Betting apps

Betting App Makes Sports Betting More Popular Nowadays

Online betting has changed everything, giving players the option to bet right from home. This cuts down on commuting but still isn’t convenient enough for some.

For many of us, in any matter of life, convenience is one of the factors we look forward to. In terms of consumers, we want that convenience. Many industries understand and respond to this in a timely manner, one of which is the betting industry.

Back to traditional betting, with sporting events like the Grand National Grand Horse Racing. You must visit your local betting agent. With a lucky few, that dealer is located right in their village. While others are less fortunate, they have to go to nearby villages or even other towns.

Online betting has changed everything, giving players the option to bet right from home. This cuts down on commuting but still isn’t convenient enough for some.

What is the mobile betting app?

A mobile betting application is like a house in your pocket. You can download the app from app stores like the Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS with the majority of the big bookies available.

Once you have downloaded the application to your phone, you only need to have an internet connection to log in and bet on the markets offered. The experience is quite similar to when you connect online using a personal computer.

With the downloaded app, you will not need to go to any betting agent, as well as be bound at your house. Just need a phone with internet connection, you can bet from anywhere.

Why do bookmakers offer mobile betting apps?

The simple answer is that the house has to catch up or be ahead of the opponent. As soon as one bookmaker provides a comprehensive mobile service, another will immediately follow suit.

The betting industry is one of the industries with very fierce competition. The dealers must constantly update, refresh and create new products to give players a wide range of options. This has positive implications for players who will experience better and better products and services. It is easy to see when looking at the deals that the house rewards new entrants.

Incentives such as free bet, no deposit required show that players can take advantage of these rewards when creating an account with the new dealer.