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The most interesting online role-playing games to play on PC nowadays (Part 3)

Black Desert

As a blockbuster online game with great gameplay and beautiful graphics, Black Desert has always been one of the hottest products on the market since its launch in late November 2016.

Black Desert introduces players to a large open world, allowing gamers to freely explore, move back and forth between all lands. The map in Black Desert is beautifully designed. There are many features for players to explore, such as materials scattered all over the map, which players can collect to craft, equip, or perform quests.

The world in the game is based on the Middle Ages in Europe. However, with the design of the building, the detailed setting, you can feel Black Desert as real at times, including very beautiful character designs.

According to many gamers, the most attractive point of Black Desert is not the excellent graphics platform but the “hands-on like offline game” combat mechanism. This is a special combination with semi non-target mechanics, there are skills you can non-target.

However, some skills require the player to target the target to perform (like Blade and Soul). Besides, actions such as dodging, jumping can also help players counter the opponent’s attacks.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Once considered a blockbuster online game when it was first released, The Elder Scrolls Online was not as successful as expected. It seemed that it would soon be ‘sprayed’ with the form of a fee-for-play business. Fortunately, the game’s NPH quickly transitioned to buy-to-play this year (gamers only have to pay for a one-time purchase) and became a huge success.

The Elder Scrolls Online was not as successful as expected

Produced by Zenimax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online combines the non-stop exploration of the traditional offline version with the scale and social aspects of an online MMORPG game. Players will discover a whole new chapter of Elder Scrolls history for themselves.

The highlight of The Elder Scrolls Online is that the map is quite large, and players will be able to explore this world while on missions. Beginning of the game, you will start as a … death row inmate trying to escape the dungeon, then to the main castle and perform a series of different missions according to the story and side quests.

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The most interesting online role-playing games to play on PC nowadays (Part 2)

Secret Worlds Legends

The world’s first role-playing horror MMORPG set in the modern world. The game allows gamers to travel around the world in maps of countries such as Japan, Egypt, Great Britain, or China. Gamers freely develop characters based on weapons available or purchased in the in-game store.

DC Universe Online

The game was published by Daybreak Game Company and Warner Bros. Game for the first time in 2011. Players are free to customize their character’s abilities and weapons. In particular, gamers are allowed to choose flying or super speed skills to move around the map.


Developed from the famous Dragons & Dungeons board game in the 70s and 80s. The game allows players to choose from 8 different professions and races with their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, the game provides players with a set of tools to design game maps to create much rich gameplay.


Developed by the Obsidian Entertainment team from Russia, an action RPG that breaks down the traditional principles of MMORPG. Players have the right to choose and play many different professions while experiencing the game.

SkyForge Developed by the Obsidian Entertainment team from Russia

SkyForge offers a “prestige” system that increases stats depending on the player’s choice. At the same time, new jobs are unlocked when the player accumulates a certain amount of “prestige”.

Blade and Soul – Ruins of Khanda Vihar

As we all know, the blockbuster online game Blade and Soul was released in English at the end of 2015, officially opened to the public for free in January this year, and attracted a large number of role-playing game lovers. Currently, this game is preparing to update to a new version and becomes more and more worthwhile!

The most attractive highlight of Blade and Soul is the action-oriented combat mechanism and is completely non-target. The in-game auto-locating system only helps you to focus on the target more clearly, but still can’t make your attacks truly accurate.

What’s more special in Blade and Soul comes from the skill combo system, as well as the requirement to accumulate Soul points so that players can launch special combos. Soul points will increase over time but usually increase faster when the player unleashes normal attacks or blocks an opponent’s moves.

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The most interesting online role-playing games to play on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Despite the booming MOBA wave, the online role-playing game genre (MMORPG) is still an indestructible monument in the hearts of veteran gamers.

The Elders Scroll Online

The game gives players many choices with 10 races (race) and 5 main occupations (class) with unique gameplay. On the way to conquer the game, players will unlock many new features with special skills.


The game takes place in the post-apocalypse, all over the Earth becomes arid deserts. Players play the role of surviving descendants with the task of creating the most powerful vehicle to survive.

Crossout has a way of playing that combines shooting racing and creativity. The game allows players to collect materials and weapons to build the car at will. Players can purchase and sell items through the virtual auction floor. They can also join the party to participate in large scale Clan Wars.

Guild Wars 2

As the first online role-playing game with a non-linear storyline in the world, the character’s behavior that the player controls more or less affects the game experience. A special feature of the game is that players do not need to go to each NPC (available programming character) to receive/return quests, events that occur continuously while the player is on the road.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 was released in 2017 on many PC and console systems. The game has the look of the FPS and RPG series with 3 main careers and many different skill branches.

World of Warcraft (WoW)

The great tree of the MMORPG series was first released in 2004 by Blizzard. WoW loyal to the traditional gameplay click/release the mouse to control the character with a variety of races and classes. The game allows players to experience up to 20 for free, to stick with the game players are forced to buy a license or farm hours of gameplay.

Final Fantasy XIV

A familiar brand, leaving many marks with fans of the RPG genre. The online version was built on the content of the old Final Fantasy XIV, which received much criticism from the gaming community for its story and gameplay.

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Top 3 virtual reality games attractive for you

In recent years, VR is following a new trend, and with it, new applications that make VR games more attractive and amazing have also been created.

As virtual reality continues to evolve, it is only natural that new games replace old ones with little actual experience.

And below are the top 3 virtual reality games that we learn and synthesize in the following article:

1. Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 VR an exclusive virtual reality game from HTC Vive. This is game 4 Fallout. When playing, you will enjoy Wasteland expansions, stories, music, a new building system. It can be said that this is a great game. It does not shake everything but polishes the elements that have been set up for the game like role-playing, etc. With VR technology tracking and full-motion controls, Fallout 4 in virtual reality is even more ambitious than its original, leaving users to play this game with the HTC Vive in hand.

2. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a well-paced game and requires you to have a quick reaction along with maintaining your fitness until the song is over. Along with the virtual reality controller in hand, you get to use the blue, red light swords like in Star Wars and cut through the colored blocks that run through the song’s time and rhythm. In fact, this game does not need to explain much about how to play, but to play well, it requires players to practice regularly, stay calm in all situations, and always have high accuracy.

Beat Saber was first released on the PC version, and it also comes with an exclusive custom track maker. However, the version for PS VR released at the end of 2018 has had enough of its exclusive content.

3. Edge of Nowhere (Oculus Rift Exclusive)

Edge of Nowhere is the third-person adventure to see Victor’s character on a quest to find his fiancée Ava, who got lost on an expedition to Antarctica. To find his fiancée Ava, the player must role-play and guide Victor through the tundra, fighting off fearsome monsters and majestic ice walls as he falls more and more into a state of insanity.

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Addictive online games for PC that you should not miss (Part 2)

Of course, it is not easy to do this when you have to fight with terrible monsters that are both strong and fast. And of course, it is difficult to mention the more difficult opponents that are other gamers involved, simply because when the helicopter comes to pick up, there are only 3 seats.

Indeed SOS is an online game with extremely rich content full of surprises for gamers. Surely anyone who has ever loved PUBG – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds wants to experience even higher difficulty levels as well as real scary will definitely be addicted!


Recently, the classic shooting game with typical features of the 1980s called Dusk was introduced. The game has a lot in common with famous FPS games such as Doom or Quake, of course, the gameplay is also extremely speed, bringing a very funny feeling to gamers.

According to the management, it is possible that Dusk will have more other game modes of more teamwork, but it is not clear what will be done. Currently the game has 5 maps to explore and more likely to have future updates when officially launched.

It is still unclear when Dusk will officially launch worldwide gamers and surely gamers who love the ancient FPS genre will have to look forward to this long-running game, simply because it is too good and impossible. ignore it!

H1Z1: Open world fighting shooter

An extremely good online game set in a dark future, a virus called H1Z1 has caused humanity to perish, the survivors are forced to fight their own people but infected by disease.

The time the player enters the virtual world is about 15 years after the pandemic broke out, to be able to survive, you will need to find a small source of food and water left over and the place to stay day by day, Of course indispensable weapons to fight against zombies mobile.

However, after a period of operation, a brand new version of H1Z1, named H1Z1: King of the Kill was officially launched. From an online survival game, H1Z1: King of the Kill has become an open world fighting game, with all the same details as a blockbuster game like GTA.

Along with that are the cars wandering around the map to facilitate transportation and get the advantage in each match with other players.

Above are the 4 best online games nowadays with beautiful graphics, attractive gameplay. Try these game now!

Online games

Addictive online games for PC that you should not miss (Part 1)

What are the best online games right now for you to spend your time without hesitation or regret? Read the article below to get the answers!

Black Desert

The beautiful online graphic blockbuster Black Desert officially opened the server of Southeast Asia on January 17!

Black Desert deserves to be the best online game nowadays because it introduces players to a large open world, allowing gamers to be able to by exploring, moving back and forth between all lands.

Thanks to the beautiful graphics, the map in the Black Desert is very well designed. There are many features that players can explore such as the types of materials scattered on the map. Besides, can collect to craft, equip, or perform quests.

Black Desert gives players a semi-non-target system for players. here are skills you can non-target. However, there are some skills that require the player to target on the target to execute like Blade and Soul.

In the Black Desert, characters can be equipped with 12 items, including 2 types of weapons, 4 types of armor.

In addition to increasing the stat points for equipment, the Black Stone can also increase the drop rate. It also drops money from monsters, minimize the possibility of being knocked back, stun. This type of Black Stone can be earned by fighting monsters, doing quests.

SOS: The hottest survival game in early 2018

The SOS online survival game (formerly known as the extremely long SOS: The Ultimate Escape) will open Early Access on the Steam system on January 23, quite early compared to the original estimate of 29. However, gamers will have to spend money to participate in the game but not experience it for free.

SOS is a third-person shooter online game with a survival nature when you are thrown on a deserted island and must fight fiercely to find a way to become the last survivor here.