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Top 3 virtual reality games attractive for you

In recent years, VR is following a new trend, and with it, new applications that make VR games more attractive and amazing have also been created.

As virtual reality continues to evolve, it is only natural that new games replace old ones with little actual experience.

And below are the top 3 virtual reality games that we learn and synthesize in the following article:

1. Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 VR an exclusive virtual reality game from HTC Vive. This is game 4 Fallout. When playing, you will enjoy Wasteland expansions, stories, music, a new building system. It can be said that this is a great game. It does not shake everything but polishes the elements that have been set up for the game like role-playing, etc. With VR technology tracking and full-motion controls, Fallout 4 in virtual reality is even more ambitious than its original, leaving users to play this game with the HTC Vive in hand.

2. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a well-paced game and requires you to have a quick reaction along with maintaining your fitness until the song is over. Along with the virtual reality controller in hand, you get to use the blue, red light swords like in Star Wars and cut through the colored blocks that run through the song’s time and rhythm. In fact, this game does not need to explain much about how to play, but to play well, it requires players to practice regularly, stay calm in all situations, and always have high accuracy.

Beat Saber was first released on the PC version, and it also comes with an exclusive custom track maker. However, the version for PS VR released at the end of 2018 has had enough of its exclusive content.

3. Edge of Nowhere (Oculus Rift Exclusive)

Edge of Nowhere is the third-person adventure to see Victor’s character on a quest to find his fiancée Ava, who got lost on an expedition to Antarctica. To find his fiancée Ava, the player must role-play and guide Victor through the tundra, fighting off fearsome monsters and majestic ice walls as he falls more and more into a state of insanity.

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Things you need to know about APK files to install games on Android phones

APK file is inherently familiar to those who use Android phones. So what is an APK file? What are the characteristics of this file? How different is it from the app? Read the article below to answer these questions and learn how to install APK files on Android phones simply.

What is the APK file?

APK stands for Android Package Kit, which is the package file format used by the Android operating system to distribute and install mobile apps.

Just like the Windows operating system on a PC uses a .exe file to install software, the APK is similar for Android. When you download APK online, you will get an app. Most users get apps from the Google Play Store, but in some cases an APK file becomes necessary.

The difference between an app and an APK file

App and APK files are two different concepts although they are similar in function. The app is a piece of software that can be installed on any platform from Android, Windows, or iOS while APK files can only be installed on Android systems.

With APK files, users can easily download apps from official websites

The apps install directly on any device, however, the APK files must be installed as an app after downloading from any trusted source. To install game apk, users need to use these APK files. With APK files, users can easily download apps from official websites. This way it’s easy to install any app via its APK file download without having to log into the app store.

Why should you install the APK file?

The APK files of new Android builds often leak ahead of time, giving you early access to all the cool new features that would otherwise not be available to you. Also, some of the apps on the store are limited to regions, the APK file will resolve this.

Sometimes, APK files may be the only option for you to install apps on your device

Downloading the latest APKs for your favorite apps will allow users to skip annoying updates. Or you can even install an older version of an app with the app file. And if your Android device lacks access to the Google Play Store, APK files may be the only option for you to install apps on your device.

However, some APK files contain pirated applications that can be pirated and this is inherently illegal, so users should avoid. Besides, some APK files contain malicious code and some viruses cause damage to the computer, so users need to check and scan for viruses before downloading these files.

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Summary of the hottest gaming apps nowadays (Part 3)

Battle Prime Online

The appeal of Battle Prime Online is that you can choose the style of play that suits your preferences. Choose a power mode like the Hulk to defeat every opponent, or the speed to surpass Flash. Gamers will be delighted with the unrivaled power of the character.

Battle Prime is designed by the manufacturer with a rich arsenal, spoiled for you to choose. Not stopping there, Battler Prime’s graphics are not inferior to the hottest action games today.

Certainly gamers will have an impressive experience with this best gaming apps. If you have not downloaded the Battle Prime game for your phone, quickly download it now. Still hesitate any longer without trying!

Boom Mobile (BnB M)

Boom Mobile, also known as BnB M, was built for the phone version after the successful PC version. Almost the elements on the computer version are reproduced on the mobile version.

With the mobile version, the Boom Mobile game still holds the hot list of the best mobile games. Evidence is that there have been millions of games registered since the project was announced.

Load the Game card now

Feeling when experiencing Boom Mobile on the phone version, gamers will return to their childhood with familiar elements. The items that the player obtained is no stranger to when you tried the BnB version on the PC.

Pubg Mobile

Not so long ago, Pubg Mobile had a new Cold Front Survival mode that is played on the Vikendi snow map. Players must find a source of warmth otherwise the snowstorm will exhaust the health bar.

Items to keep the body warm are branches, warm bags, heaters, animals. Especially, the item Drone (drone) is a good weapon for gamers in this survival war.

Since the addition of the new feature Pubg Mobile has received many reviews from gamers. The positive point is impressive graphics, vivid. However, this mobile game also received many poor reviews because of its large capacity or lag. After all, Pubg Mobile is still in the top of the hottest survival gaming apps today.

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Summary of the hottest gaming apps nowadays (Part 2)

In this part, we will continue the list of the hottest gaming apps nowadays. Let’s check out!

Survival Heroes

Survival Heroes is the best phone game that combines the two most popular game genres today, MOBA and Battle Royale. This combination has created attraction for the game Survival Heroes mobile version.

Warriors in Survival Heroes will have to fight to become the last survivor. To get items and weapons that enhance strength forces gamers to fight and win opponents.

How to play Survival Heroes in the style of MOBA with the gameplay of Battle Royale will definitely bring gamers many interesting feelings with this attractive mobile game.

Warface Mobile

Warface Mobile was born from the success of the PC version. Warface Mobile is an action role-playing game that attracts any gamer with fiery modes, extremely breathtaking battles.

Warface Mobile role-playing game genre unleash your creativity when you can customize the appearance of the character. The items and accessories are not only diverse but also glitter design, which makes anyone want to own.

In the list of hottest mobile games today, Warface Mobile is highly appreciated for the creativity of the manufacturer. Such as the weapons are not inferior to the PC version, the battle does not need to discuss the “real” and the thrill.

Cyber ​​Hunter

Cyber ​​Hunter builds an extremely thrilling battle universe. The fighting ability of every gamer is brought to the extreme level. The power of the player is enough to destroy everything, master all skills of climbing, flying…

The higher the level the more your fighting ability is raised. With arsenal and many powerful items are dedicated to the winners. Mobile game Cyber ​​Hunter will make you feel free to explore the infinite virtual world.

Like the older Battle Royale games such as PUBG Mobile, Rules Of Survival, Free Fire … Cyber ​​Hunter for gamers to participate in the intense battle of survival.

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Summary of the hottest gaming apps nowadays (Part 1)

Currently, there are many gaming apps with different genres that attract gamers around the world. Here are the hottest mobile games currently waiting for you to discover.

Game Area F2

Game Area F2 is currently one of the hottest games available on mobile. Players can immersive in many characters with many different skills. Weapons to fight are also “terrible” goods, the most advanced. In addition, you can take advantage of the wall system and unmanned aircraft to explore the situation of the enemy.

Area F2 or Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is the most attractive mobile action game today. A special feature of Area F2 is the map system only for melee situations in tight spaces. This is the first factor that appears on mobile games, increasing both attractiveness and excitement for gamers.

Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile is a version of the PC game called Dota Auto Chess. The game mechanism of Auto Chess Mobile is similar to the Dota Auto Chess version. Gamers can buy items, track opponents before starting the match.

Gamers must be no strangers to dramatic action games, role-playing games with glorious battles. The constant change of generals Auto Chess Mobile creates even more attraction for this best mobile game.

The disappearance of generals in Auto Chess Mobile such as Stone Spirit, Skull Hunter, and then the Phantom Queen forced players to find new tactics or build new squads based on strange tribes, even never used. That is also the reason why Auto Chess Mobile is present in the best mobile games.

War Robots

War Robots can be said as action game for gamers who like challenges. The gaming app is constantly updated by the manufacturer with each version being a robot model with many outstanding features.

The investment in upgrading images, opening new arsenal, many new features has made War Robots really attractive and deserves to be the best mobile game today. Accompanied with fighting games in the form of shooting always creates dramatic atmosphere in each playground.

War Robots became the hottest game today thanks to its support for many different languages, helping native gamers easily access to the extremely dramatic role-playing game genre.

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Top 5 best gaming apps in the world in 2020 to enjoy today

The Game Awards 2019, the world’s most prestigious game award announced the award nominations on November 20. Including the title “Game of the Year – The best game of the year” with 6 nominations below, please follow.


Control is the latest game of Remedy Entertainment, with the main character being a girl named Jesse. In the game, players will accompany Jesse to overcome many dangers to perform the task of understanding the mysteries that take place at The Oldest House.

Jesse possesses super powers such as moving objects with thought, flying and equipped with a supernatural gun that can change shape.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a strange, puzzling but extremely captivating action game. In the game, the player plays with Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) and BB, or “Bridge Baby”, a small fetus in an artificial womb who travels across the United Cities of America (UCA) in order to connect. mankind together. Thanks to BB, Sam can see BTs (Beached Things) – monsters from another dimension are destroying UCA.

In Death Stranding, gamers will be connected, tied together in a strange and interesting way.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Remak brings players back to 1998, when the T-virus was attacking Raccoon City. Thanks to Capcom’s exclusive RE Engine exclusive graphics technology, the world in the game becomes extremely beautiful and lively, the characters in the game become sharper, the zombies appear really terrible. New game experience for players.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, or SSDT for short, possesses unique gameplay, depth that promises to bring a new experience to gamers. The most attractive feature of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the perfect combination of plot and enchanting gameplay.

The main character in the game is The Wolf with the journey to relive the ancient Japan. Sekiro is one of FromSoftware’s best-selling games in the history with 2 million copies sold in 10 days of release.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game that follows the traditional fighting style. In the game, the player controls a character of any option to perform the task of weakening and knocking the enemy out of the arena.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has become the best-selling fighting game in history with more than 15.71 million copies sold worldwide as of September 2019.

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Gaming Apps That Help Your Child Learn Effectively

Are you looking for your children to play games for children to entertain them and be able to develop creative minds? Please read the following article carefully.


Fishing for children is one of the simple games suitable for children, the size of their imagination and cognition. Not only that, the game also helps children focus, giving them logical thinking in many cases. The game has a simple interface, eye-catching colors, vivid illustrations to suit all ages of children.

Coming to fishing, children will be immersed in the immense sea world. Help children improve memory, creative thinking and more knowledge about the creatures under the sea. The game has a similar play to the classic gold digging game, the child uses a fishing rod and drops it into the sea at appropriate locations for fishing. Reach the specified score to pass the round.

Animal puzzle game

One more option for parents who want to find titles suitable for their age. With over 85 different animals, the game helps children think and retain a better memory of animals. With a simple interface and support for over 30 different languages. In addition, the game also supports the following puzzles and answers to try and think of the child’s memory. The app does not require social networking, does not make in-app purchases, and collects personal data.

Color Learning Game for Toddlers

The game helps children distinguish and identify colors based on vivid pictures suitable for children from 1 to 6 years old to learn thinking and memory about the colors they meet daily.

Animal coloring game

Based on the patterns and crayons available in the list, children can think for themselves to find the right color and then paint on the picture. With a large number of role models, the game is one of the applications that should not be ignored when initially training children to form their minds.

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10 Best Mobile FPS Games of All Time for Mobile (part 2)

Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade is an online game version on mobile with extremely beautiful 3D graphics. Also in the opinion of some designers, Blitz Brigade will take on the appearance of a funny and thrilling breath-taking FPS online shooting game.

This game has a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Domination. In addition, the game also appears a series of character classes such as Soldier, Gunner, and Medic or snipers like Sniper. Moreover, the weapon system has been improved with more types and more applications. In addition to that, the game also incorporates a revival mode after 15 seconds for the destroyed characters.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a continuation of the action game Dead Effect that once made the mobile community fascinated with more than 8 million downloads. Once again, the game is a creepy and stimulating combination between Dead Space and Mass Effect, but at a new level, it brings an extreme zombie-killing experience. Red tinted space with the blood of the hordes of corpses.

Dead Effect 2 opens up the fantasy world filled with blood and violence of a desolate spaceship engulfed in darkness hiding the sudden and lightning attacks of bloodthirsty zombies. Players will be provided with modern weapons. They participated in the survival war between humans and the undead in the ESS Meridian spacecraft.

Compared to the first part, Dead Effect 2 has been polished more quality, from fast-paced combat to smooth control system and of course indispensable visual stimulation from true HD graphics and high solution.


DEAD TARGET: Zombie was built with the world in 2040 while World War III takes place. After the Minister of Defense signed a contract with the CS company to implement the project The goal of death: converting prisoners into cruel killers. Suddenly CS blatantly betrayed the treaty and threatened to trigger the zombie disease if the President did not obey them. The era of destruction begins.

The doom is approaching when CS infects a city to prove its words. A commando team was hired to the battlefield to gather information before the army launched a counter-attack operation – Apocalypse. After all, only you and agent M will survive. Find your way to escape hell, overcome the dead land, save M and clear the way for reinforcements or you will be reunited with your brothers in the golden stream. Beware of your surroundings, wandering corpses are hungry for heroic blood.

The first highlight that Dead Target brings to the players is extremely realistic images. Developed on Unity Engine 4.0, the game is most optimized on mobile devices.

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Top 11 Most Popular Racing Games (part 2)

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme is a modified and serial version of Asphalt version released for free on both iOS and Android operating systems. This game is developed by the famous game operator Gameloft with many top notch and attractive racing stages.

Outstanding features of Asphalt Xtreme:
Sharp 3D graphics.
There are many different vehicles to choose from.
Can be upgraded quickly.
There are many different car routes.

Real Racing 2

Game Real Racing 2 is an authentic racing game that is played a lot on different tablet lines. You will have to spend $ 6.99 to be able to play this type of game and can own spectacular racing models.

Features of Real Racing 2:
Realistic 3D graphics.
There is a world-class Career racing mode.
Has intuitive control system.
Can manage game progress.

Gear.Club – True Racing

Gear.Club is a great racing game for those who love speed and want to play games on their phones. Gear.Club can bring you exciting experiences and help you to the championship to create a sense of victory.

Gear.Club Features:
Racing simulation is authentic with full engine and advanced features.
There are beautiful and stimulating racing tracks.
Join friends to race together.
Upgrade the car with unique versions.
Collect favorite cars in the game.

CSR Racing 2

Game CSR Racing 2 was released exclusively on iOS. With terrible graphics and large capacity, when playing games you will feel the racing and real world class just like feeling in real life.

Features of Game CSR Racing 2:
High quality graphics.
There are garages with large numbers of cars.
Can play games with friends.
Upgrade unlimited car version.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a driving game with high hills with many obstacles and challenges. So this game has a high level of difficulty challenging the player, it is very suitable for those who love to conquer.

Features of the game Hill Climb Racing:
Has eye-catching 3D graphics.
Sounds alive.
The ranks of the game are upgraded according to the difficulty level.
Many vehicles to choose from.
Can share achievements via Facebook.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne is a version of the computer racing 3D series and cannot be played on phones. If you are a fan of speed games then this is the right game for you.

Features of Asphalt 8 Airborne:
There are luxury models with beautiful designs.
Racing in many beautiful locations around the world.
There are many attractive racing modes.
There are many challenges with high difficulty.
Music support when racing.

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10 Best Mobile FPS Games of All Time for Mobile (part 1)

Here is a list of the best FPS mobile games that most players love.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the 4th version of Gameloft’s famous FPS Modern Combat shooter series. For only $ 6.99, you will own a blockbuster action shooter game with fast-paced, dramatic and extremely epic graphics.

This shooter series from Gameloft has opened a new chapter for the mobile action game series. The 4th Modern Combat is set in the battle for nuclear power, which causes disaster for humans and threatens the survival of the planet. In the role of elite soldiers, players will participate in the campaign to wipe out the confrontation forces and save the world from the worst terrorist plot in history.

Not just a first-person shooter game, Modern Combat 4 also makes you feel like you’re enjoying a blockbuster action Hollywood movie. With state-of-the-art arsenal, lifelike fire effects, diverse backgrounds – from factories, on rooftops, in space, etc. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour creates diversity for players in each shooting mission.

Not only aiming and destroying human targets, you will be thrown into a chaotic battlefield including armored vehicles, tanks, aircraft, etc. The high concentration, accurate aiming and confidence will help you win this fierce battle! Overall, this is a game that meets both the visual and listening experience of the player, which gives you a great feeling throughout the campaign.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is the latest version of the popular Modern Combat game series. Along with the upgraded graphics, Modern Combat 5 also has a new campaign, multiple weapons, and an advanced multiplayer mode.

Just like the Halo series, some people still prefer Modern Combat 4 to version 5, but they both provide a great online experience for FPS fans. With online play, Modern Combat 5 stimulates player participation thanks to the rating system and leaderboard.

Although only a mobile game, with what Gameloft has put in its products, the graphics of Modern Combat 5 can match with what Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 show.