Promotional Ideas For Reseller Type Hosting Businesses

website hosting and domainObviously this explanation is a highly simplified version of your business, but it is not difficult to understand your industry & the concept that good money will be made. Buy disk-space & bandwidth in bulk, then on-sell it in smaller parts.


Just like any other business, you’ll need to market your business, to get customers. Advertising your business is your only way that you can get customers to know about your services, & thus make more money. Therefore, you will have to put extra effort to ensure that you promote your business. Some of the techniques that you could use to promote your business include online marketing, classifieds, putting up a web site, and link building, among others.


The reputation of your company that you choose is very important. Since you’ll be reselling your services of this company, you must ensure you choose a stable and reliable company. Some of the characteristics that you should consider, when choosing a parent web host include the plans or packages on offer, the pricing, experience, infrastructure, customer support, guaranteed up-time, & many others.

Most hosting companies that you buy your hosting accounts from will give you a billing system attached to your control panel but others will let you customize how you want to bill your customers. For example, if you are wanting to send notifications to your customers that their bills are due on a particular date, you can make the software send automatic notifications to your customers. If you desire to be an SSL vendor, there is no recourse. From your domain host, you should be able to select from a variety of choices to put into your catalog. From there, you can sell many items on your platform including site builders, domains plus a myriad of treatments to market.