How To Select Low-cost Web Hosting Service Providers

reseller web hosting cheapIt seems that everyone and their grandmother has hosting nowadays, after all, it’s absolutely vital if you want to promote your business online. But be careful; if ever your old Latin phrase “caveat emptor” (let your buyer beware!) applied, it’s your Internet and inexpensive web hosting. Some people fail to understand why they should pay for business web hosting when they can get the same thing for free.

Unlimited everything

A last-ditch effort for lower ranked website hosting providers is to offer Unlimited bandwidth, registrations, storage etc. On your outside, this appears like a terrific idea, but when an individual’s site begins to ‘break in’ on the shared server that houses your website, the owner would start to get charged of fees. Yes, if one’s too popular on your web hosting server, even if your provider promises Unlimited access, he would end up needing to compensate lots more for the excess. Do not be deceived. If a website web host gives out Unlimited bandwidth, hosting etc., understand your fine print and don’t get caught off-guard.

Free Domains

Rest assured that these days, you can get excellent cheap hosting services without compromising website performance. Watch out for offers of a free or unusually inexpensive domain with your hosting. You’ve been around long enough to know nothing is free. Your registrar or reseller pays the better part of ten dollars & more for any domain worth having and they won’t last long in business if they do not pass your price on to you somewhere. This passing along will usually come about in two different ways: one, your price of hosting is higher than with a comparable site somewhere else; and two, your domain price soars ten to fifteen times as much your following year. They count on you being too busy to transfer.

These would vary depending on the hosting package you have chosen to avail of. How user-friendly and intuitive is the control panel? Does your package include your e-commerce option (SSL, Shopping cart features)? This is important if your small-business entails actually making sales as opposed to merely generating leads. Do they support autoresponders, email, pop3, imap and email forwarders? Are there PHP & MySQL capabilities?


There are two dominant forces in the server-side programming language field. ASP and PHP, I suggest when faced with this choice you always go with PHP hosting for a number of reasons:

If you’re not paying your company, they will not put you on your top of the ladder. They will always give first preference to paid customers & your matters will be put on hold. This frustrates most people, but they have to understand the dilemma of the cheap web webhost that cannot afford to pay undivided attention to both kinds of customers.