Domain Reseller Hosting As an Effective Web Business

hosting web siteYour money works this way; a 1GB disk space and bandwidth package costs say £15 per month. Your smaller tranches of bandwidth and space will be sold for £10 each per month. Your reseller earns £100 and makes a profit of £85.

Your definition of Reseller hosting is essentially; buying into a dedicated server or hosting plan to sell services to the end user. This type of business can be started on a very small scale, and even large web-hosting companies do exactly the same thing as your small reseller, just on a much larger scale.

Once you sign up, you will gain access to the control panel of your service. There are different control panels out there that are popular to work on. Whatever it is that you use, you’ll have the ability to work with your customers that you bring in. You can manage these customers as well as give them their own control panels to use, which will allow them in turn to create and then monitor their own sites. Depending on how you agree with your domain host, it is possible for them to have a single log in URL for the reseller accounts irrespective of their number. This would imply that whenever you have a hosting reseller account, plus other accounts, you can be able to manage all of them from a single dashboard.