Is Article marketing A Waste Of Time?

article-marketingWe read an article recently that extolled article marketing as ‘probably one of the most powerful and inexpensive forms of marketing online available’. The reason for this claim was that in return for a little concentrated thinking and effort the author gains one way links back to their website which increases that website’s ‘authority’ rating with the search engines and qualified traffic.

This may have been the case ten, seven or perhaps even five years ago but today, at least in our experience, article marketing is a big waste of time.

That’s not to say that it’s a complete waste of time but, as with everything, you need to understand the pitfalls.

Where to submit your article?

There are any number of article directories out there. The vast majority are not indexed by Google so there’s simply no chance whatsoever of gaining a back link to your website. Further, most article directories are renowned for having a huge amount of poor quality content and the value of links from them has been severely affected, negatively, by the Google Panda update.

However, there remain a small number of article directories that are highly rated by the search engines and that can get you back links. Finding those is the key. It’s taken us considerably more that just a little concentrated thinking and effort.

It’s taken nearly 5 years.

It’s also worth noting that there are some article directories that will give you a back link from the author’s profile section. However, the ones that the search engines actually ‘read’ are very few and far between.

The article resource box

This is where the back link to your website appears – at least in the vast majority of article directories. It is also, according to the directories themselves, the means by which you can get additional back links from other authors replicating your article on their website or in their ezine. In fact, one of the conditions of replicating an article is keeping the original links stipulated by the author in place.

However, if you think that’s going to happen you’re being naive. In the extreme.

We have seen articles plagiarised from originals we have submitted
that give us absolutely no credit.

Quite simply put, it’s all very well article directories publishing conditions of replication of the articles they carry but they have no power whatsoever to enforce them.

There exists a handful of article directories that allow back links within the body of the article. These, we can assure you, are considerably more powerful than a link that appears in a resource box.

Return on investment

You can spend perhaps half a day constructing, refining and completing your article. Often, you’ve run out of things to say when only about half way towards the minimum word count that the majority of directories insists upon. So, you now have to think up some more things to say and pad the whole thing out and perhaps even watering your salient points down until you’ve reached the magical required word count.

Let’s now say you decide to submit your completed article to 50 directories. It would be plain daft to have just one version of the anchor text back to your website. One of the first rules of back links is to make them appear as natural as possible. So you need perhaps five or six versions.

If you already have an account with article directories, the submission process will be relatively quick – perhaps an hour or two – to be on the safe side. The question is, are the directories you are submitting to really worth the effort?

All in all, it’s taken you perhaps six hours of pretty intense work and, unless you have already gone through the process of researching or discovering which directories it’s worth submitting to in the first place, or you strike lucky, you’ve just wasted a big part of your time.

Next are those SEO companies who say they’ll submit your article to 5000+ article directories. Every month. Sounds impressive doesn’t it. It’s easy with article submission software but the problem is that it will do absolutely nothing to increase backlinks or even traffic to your website. So your’e wasting your money there too.

So, if you write original and informative articles you believe can help with link building to your website, but you don’t want to waste your time submitting them, contact Ratiocinate SEO specialists. It’s taken us years to discover article directories that will give you backlinks – so why waste your time?