Is Article marketing A Waste Of Time?

article-marketingWe read an article recently that extolled article marketing as ‘probably one of the most powerful and inexpensive forms of marketing online available’. The reason for this claim was that in return for a little concentrated thinking and effort the author gains one way links back to their website which increases that website’s ‘authority’ rating with the search engines and qualified traffic.

This may have been the case ten, seven or perhaps even five years ago but today, at least in our experience, article marketing is a big waste of time.

That’s not to say that it’s a complete waste of time but, as with everything, you need to understand the pitfalls.

Where to submit your article?

There are any number of article directories out there. The vast majority are not indexed by Google so there’s simply no chance whatsoever of gaining a back link to your website. Further, most article directories are renowned for having a huge amount of poor quality content and the value of links from them has been severely affected, negatively, by the Google Panda update.

However, there remain a small number of article directories that are highly rated by the search engines and that can get you back links. Finding those is the key. It’s taken us considerably more that just a little concentrated thinking and effort.

It’s taken nearly 5 years.

It’s also worth noting that there are some article directories that will give you a back link from the author’s profile section. However, the ones that the search engines actually ‘read’ are very few and far between.

The article resource box

This is where the back link to your website appears – at least in the vast majority of article directories. It is also, according to the directories themselves, the means by which you can get additional back links from other authors replicating your article on their website or in their ezine. In fact, one of the conditions of replicating an article is keeping the original links stipulated by the author in place.

However, if you think that’s going to happen you’re being naive. In the extreme.

We have seen articles plagiarised from originals we have submitted
that give us absolutely no credit.

Quite simply put, it’s all very well article directories publishing conditions of replication of the articles they carry but they have no power whatsoever to enforce them.

There exists a handful of article directories that allow back links within the body of the article. These, we can assure you, are considerably more powerful than a link that appears in a resource box.

Return on investment

You can spend perhaps half a day constructing, refining and completing your article. Often, you’ve run out of things to say when only about half way towards the minimum word count that the majority of directories insists upon. So, you now have to think up some more things to say and pad the whole thing out and perhaps even watering your salient points down until you’ve reached the magical required word count.

Let’s now say you decide to submit your completed article to 50 directories. It would be plain daft to have just one version of the anchor text back to your website. One of the first rules of back links is to make them appear as natural as possible. So you need perhaps five or six versions.

If you already have an account with article directories, the submission process will be relatively quick – perhaps an hour or two – to be on the safe side. The question is, are the directories you are submitting to really worth the effort?

All in all, it’s taken you perhaps six hours of pretty intense work and, unless you have already gone through the process of researching or discovering which directories it’s worth submitting to in the first place, or you strike lucky, you’ve just wasted a big part of your time.

Next are those SEO companies who say they’ll submit your article to 5000+ article directories. Every month. Sounds impressive doesn’t it. It’s easy with article submission software but the problem is that it will do absolutely nothing to increase backlinks or even traffic to your website. So your’e wasting your money there too.

So, if you write original and informative articles you believe can help with link building to your website, but you don’t want to waste your time submitting them, contact Ratiocinate SEO specialists. It’s taken us years to discover article directories that will give you backlinks – so why waste your time?

5 Ways To increase Your Blog Traffic

bloggingA year ago I understood virtually nothing about the best way to increase web traffic. WordPress, backlinks, auto responders and page-rank were foreign concepts to me. Some might say I had an awakening that turned the notion light bulb on inside my head. I understood that learning the best way to master internet marketing in the context of blogging was the single would function as the essential determinant of my on-line success

While I am far from a master, I understand a great deal about created traffic to any website. What is more is this website was constructed by me without gimmicks, tricks, fancy bells ‘n whistles, or blackhat software from scratch. Internalizing these hints will prove essential company or to your website increase for whichever subject matter you are marketing.

1. Write Authoritatively

Many do not write from this standpoint although I understand this is practically to be supposed. Readers hunger for power websites. Give them a strong enough motive to read your site rather than the million others. They will leave your website for another, if they do not believe they are reading the most important and precise content. It is because of this you should just select a site topic that captures fire and your knowledge. Strive to be one of the specialist of your market and your possibilities are sure to discover you.

2. Content continues to be Essential

We constantly hear this online marketing platitude but it is equally as accurate now as it was years past. Many attempt to gloss over the demand for text content that is initial by relying on blurbs short enough to fit into a tweet, or just posting podcasts or videos. The truth is Google relies on the word that is written mainly to rate your site in search queries. The disadvantage of posting unique and insightful content is usually a long term proposal, yet, the social media world of now will easily ease your posts distribution. That is not yet been presented before beginning to compose ask yourself how you intend to elaborate on a subject. Google and your readers will value it.

3. Community Building

The most successful bloggers have a loyal group of supporters that account for nearly all shares, the enjoys, opinions and other participation. This action is what propagates passive and exponential development that’s just organic. Search Engine Optimization strategies and all the automated procedures are acceptable when getting things off the earth, but finally you will be propelled by your core readership to higher ranking and more visitors. Feature a Facebook fan page or group which advertises some measure of social and exclusivity proof. Motivating readers to connect with each other via post opinions or the newsgroup of your site is, in addition, successful in forming relationship bonds.

4. Social Media

This is hottest and finest way to drive all-natural traffic which can spur much more viral traffic than, say, guest. The beauty of Social Media is that your blog posts will be distribute by your followers for you at no price. Make sure you contain a social plugin to your WordPress site Pinterest, specifically twitter, Facebook, so that the most popular social networks, and LinkedIn. This is another reason to highlight the first three tricks since just the finest content is shared. Whenever a fresh post is published by you ask yourself if it is worthy of being shared. You will shortly see new site visitors who were basically referred from previous readers when done right.

5. Credibility

Alongside credibility I stress transparency and helpfulness. In addition to having content that is exact you will go even further if you add a private set on it. Readers are attracted to sources that are important they are able to relate to so as to humanize the web and the content at large. It amazes me how the same two apparently indistinguishable sites will bring visitor that is significantly distinct counts only based on credibility.

The only hurdle to overcome in showing this is your anxiety about judging and rejection. It is human nature to worry how your point of view will be personally judged by a big group of individuals, but this online must be anticipated by you. The hurdle for “haters” to disapprove of your content is so low while their anonymity is maintained. But expressing your feel and placing yourself on the line will give greater benefits in the long run.

Underlying all these five traffic tricks is the comprehension that building a successful website requires time. You will not learn the best approaches to getting these in activity immediately. But having a day-to-day strategy and getting started by listing a couple top role models are crucial first steps. I’d give it nine to twelve months to amass a fan base that is good. Good luck wherever you’re in your blogging journey and I anticipate hearing more traffic suggestions in the opinion section below.

Chimp Rewriter, An In-Depth Review

ChimpRewriteWhat is it?

Chimp Rewriter is an article spinning application which will enable one to create tens or hundreds of posts out of one single post. If you’re using article marketing to promote your company then you understand how time consuming it may be to create unique posts to submit to the content directories. With Chimp Rewriter you’ll be in a position to do this readily with merely an easy push of the button – more posts and hours saved.

Chimp Rewriter V The Best Spinner

The Very Best Spinner hasn’t been used by me. I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about it. Yet, I believed that interface seemed sort of clunky for my preference. Chimp Rewriter has been used by me and oh boy did I like it! It took me no time to determine the way to put it to use. Really intuitive interface. Article Marketing is an excellent technique to build up your own products and websites. Though, composing such posts could be time intensive and picking out initial content on a regular basis may take a lot more hours.

Rewrite your posts and to produce new posts, you need to decide on an intelligent applications that will help to build a post in a couple of minutes. While purchasing a post composing applications you should think about an applications, which will aid to make content on any theme from scratch, helping rewrite that old posts. So the synonym database may not be as large as TBS chimp Rewriter continues to be sort of new, but it works the exact same manner therefore it is going to keep growing as more folks make use of this program and input their very own synonyms.

When those two characteristics are united, or instead included in posts you’re going to be competent to make content extremely quickly. Recorded here would be the most effective post composing software products plus some post submitting softwares, out of which, you can to download and apply the one which you favour most likely the most.


I do not actually use too most of the synonyms the software proposes for you personally. You need to recall these are only instruments to help us outside. They can not actually find the easiest way to work with a word or exactly what the planned use to get a word is within a sentence. No spinner can. That is why I enjoy constructing my own list of favourites and spend time manually going through the complete post. Chimp Rewriter makes this extremely simple. But its features an extremely strange behaviour. (I really already place in a ticket and pointed this out since for me it is an important bug, so vital truly that we aren’t able to make use of Chimp Rewriter here in the second).

When there is a block of sentences like: this is sentence one,this is sentence two,this is sentence three, and that I wish to do the words now, typically the cursor simply jumps over the full part in brackets and get back to the start.

Another problem is the fact that i find it quite strange that i cannot leap from one sentence to the other by cursor rapidly, various the arrows for sentence bound are really,quite modest. I had been looking through the doctor a couple of times but I haven’t uncovered a keyboard shortcut to leap through sentences.

What do the users think of it?

IMers who are having their posts to be spun by Chimp Rewriter find that the quality is superb and it is fast and incredibly easy to make use of. Others find the application is very well assembled and that it compares to (and even surpasses) spinners which have a higher price. For those who have already been doing article marketing by hand – or have been intimidated by the work involved with article marketing – then you want to take a good long look at Chimp Rewriter.

I’ve the feeling that Chimp Rewriter is essentially a great spinner but it’s lacking with regard to sentence whirls and things like inability to discover words within already rewritten sentences must not occur. Gets me consider the examiners must either use an entirely different manner of spinning than what we do here, or that individuals in general do not give sentence spins too much focus and individuals simply do word spins or auto-whirls where such issues wont be obvious.

Summing up

With Chimp Rewriter you’ll be in a position to readily create unique posts for just about any market you wish. A few of the characteristics which make Chimp Rewriter such an article spinning power station incorporate a sizable thesaurus that features over one million synonyms. This thesaurus is upgraded on a daily basis and contains words which have been submitted by users of the program – meaning you’ll have at your disposal the biggest & most entire thesaurus in the market. This spinner can be alert to the various parts of speech – nouns are merely traded with several other nouns and verbs are simply traded with other verbs. This suggests your posts will make whole sense – long gone are the times when spinners would crank out posts that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

You’ll be in a position to select whether you rewrite in the paragraph amount or the sentence degree – you’re in total charge of your posts. But, when article marketing, you may make sure your that the key word are never rewritten and it is vital – you’ll never stress that your posts are not being read by your audience You’re able to rewrite any size file you want and you will even post to websites straight from your editor – an important time-saver.

This free post composing applications is ideal for newbies as it guides you step by step through the procedure for composing an article. You can to decide on name, compose an opening, and while making your post, set brief paragraphs and bulleted points. It will help to compose and read an article better. In a hour it is potential to make a whole post, which supports to promote your site and merchandises. This is a free internet tool, and encourages the post nicely, so you get the planned visitors to your website. This applications applications are free, but operates with only with Windows operating system.

You do not have to utilize this spinner only online – if you download the program you may put it to use at your convenience even though you do not have access to the internet. You prepare the metrics and after that you may monitor your post (while in the editor) with Copyscape to ensure that they’re really exceptional. You are able to try out a limited model of Chimp Rewriter totally at no charge and should you conclude this is just everything you need you then can pick from two upgrade choices. The initial alternative is $25 to beginning then $15 per month or you may get the life choice using an one time payment of $127.


Available Website Names

domainsIt is very easy to check the availability of and domain name (website name), simply use a domain name registrar. There are thousands of these online and you could use anyone of them to check or register your desired domain name but you will be better off using one of the bigger ones like:

Go to either of these websites and you will find a box where you can type the website name you are interested in together with the extension (.com or etc.) you require. Then click the search/go button.

The website will then check to see if the website name with it’s the desired extension is available or if someone has already registered. If it is available you will be able to buy it there and then. If it’s not you will probably be able to get it with a different extension or alter it by adding suitable prefixes (such as: my… or the… ) or suffixes and searching again until you find one you are happy with.

Discounted Hosting An Excellent Way To Put Your Web Site Online

web hosting companies reviewThere are several cheap website hosting companies that offer both free and paid website hosting options. If someone’s one of those people searching to obtain domain name listing & inexpensive web hosting, one’s going to need to watch out for some things that appear to afflict the industry. All too many businesses go for your cheapest host they can find However and this is not your way you want to be doing things.

Long Contracts

Sometimes that inexpensive price you’re focusing on is the price that requires the longest commitment, usually three years. Of course if you are ready to commit to that long a period, great; but most first-time buyers are less certain and want to only commit for a month or two–a year at most. Do not be blinded by your eagerness to get underway.

Web Host Reviews

There’re a lot of websites claiming to have the answer to your question “who has the cheapest hosting?” Take your many pages of reviews that you’ll find with a grain of salt as the honest ones among them will admit that they take money from the very hosts they’re judging. Which is not to say they can not be relied upon at all; many of them do deliver valuable insights.

So why is it important that you have reliable hosting? Well if your website isn’t online you cannot do any business. When you’re dealing with dieters online you only have one chance to capture someone’s attention. If your website is down then they won’t bother coming back again. You would have lost a customer for life. Is it really worth those few dollars you save on the inexpensive host? Thankfully there’re many companies out there who are both cheap & reliable. Check for reviews on your internet or view their ‘uptime statistics’ to see just how reliable the host is.

If you are not paying your company, they will not put you on your top of your ladder. They will always give first preference to paid customers and your matters will be put on hold. This frustrates most men and women, but they have to understand the dilemma of the cheap web webhost that cannot afford to pay undivided attention to both kinds of customers.

How To Select Low-cost Web Hosting Service Providers

reseller web hosting cheapIt seems that everyone and their grandmother has hosting nowadays, after all, it’s absolutely vital if you want to promote your business online. But be careful; if ever your old Latin phrase “caveat emptor” (let your buyer beware!) applied, it’s your Internet and inexpensive web hosting. Some people fail to understand why they should pay for business web hosting when they can get the same thing for free.

Unlimited everything

A last-ditch effort for lower ranked website hosting providers is to offer Unlimited bandwidth, registrations, storage etc. On your outside, this appears like a terrific idea, but when an individual’s site begins to ‘break in’ on the shared server that houses your website, the owner would start to get charged of fees. Yes, if one’s too popular on your web hosting server, even if your provider promises Unlimited access, he would end up needing to compensate lots more for the excess. Do not be deceived. If a website web host gives out Unlimited bandwidth, hosting etc., understand your fine print and don’t get caught off-guard.

Free Domains

Rest assured that these days, you can get excellent cheap hosting services without compromising website performance. Watch out for offers of a free or unusually inexpensive domain with your hosting. You’ve been around long enough to know nothing is free. Your registrar or reseller pays the better part of ten dollars & more for any domain worth having and they won’t last long in business if they do not pass your price on to you somewhere. This passing along will usually come about in two different ways: one, your price of hosting is higher than with a comparable site somewhere else; and two, your domain price soars ten to fifteen times as much your following year. They count on you being too busy to transfer.

These would vary depending on the hosting package you have chosen to avail of. How user-friendly and intuitive is the control panel? Does your package include your e-commerce option (SSL, Shopping cart features)? This is important if your small-business entails actually making sales as opposed to merely generating leads. Do they support autoresponders, email, pop3, imap and email forwarders? Are there PHP & MySQL capabilities?


There are two dominant forces in the server-side programming language field. ASP and PHP, I suggest when faced with this choice you always go with PHP hosting for a number of reasons:

If you’re not paying your company, they will not put you on your top of the ladder. They will always give first preference to paid customers & your matters will be put on hold. This frustrates most people, but they have to understand the dilemma of the cheap web webhost that cannot afford to pay undivided attention to both kinds of customers.

Promotional Ideas For Reseller Type Hosting Businesses

website hosting and domainObviously this explanation is a highly simplified version of your business, but it is not difficult to understand your industry & the concept that good money will be made. Buy disk-space & bandwidth in bulk, then on-sell it in smaller parts.


Just like any other business, you’ll need to market your business, to get customers. Advertising your business is your only way that you can get customers to know about your services, & thus make more money. Therefore, you will have to put extra effort to ensure that you promote your business. Some of the techniques that you could use to promote your business include online marketing, classifieds, putting up a web site, and link building, among others.


The reputation of your company that you choose is very important. Since you’ll be reselling your services of this company, you must ensure you choose a stable and reliable company. Some of the characteristics that you should consider, when choosing a parent web host include the plans or packages on offer, the pricing, experience, infrastructure, customer support, guaranteed up-time, & many others.

Most hosting companies that you buy your hosting accounts from will give you a billing system attached to your control panel but others will let you customize how you want to bill your customers. For example, if you are wanting to send notifications to your customers that their bills are due on a particular date, you can make the software send automatic notifications to your customers. If you desire to be an SSL vendor, there is no recourse. From your domain host, you should be able to select from a variety of choices to put into your catalog. From there, you can sell many items on your platform including site builders, domains plus a myriad of treatments to market.

Domain Reseller Hosting As an Effective Web Business

hosting web siteYour money works this way; a 1GB disk space and bandwidth package costs say £15 per month. Your smaller tranches of bandwidth and space will be sold for £10 each per month. Your reseller earns £100 and makes a profit of £85.

Your definition of Reseller hosting is essentially; buying into a dedicated server or hosting plan to sell services to the end user. This type of business can be started on a very small scale, and even large web-hosting companies do exactly the same thing as your small reseller, just on a much larger scale.

Once you sign up, you will gain access to the control panel of your service. There are different control panels out there that are popular to work on. Whatever it is that you use, you’ll have the ability to work with your customers that you bring in. You can manage these customers as well as give them their own control panels to use, which will allow them in turn to create and then monitor their own sites. Depending on how you agree with your domain host, it is possible for them to have a single log in URL for the reseller accounts irrespective of their number. This would imply that whenever you have a hosting reseller account, plus other accounts, you can be able to manage all of them from a single dashboard.

Advantages of Discount Web Hosting Services

web domain and hostingIt seems that everybody & their grandmother has web hosting nowadays, after all, it is absolutely vital if you want to promote your business online. But be careful; if ever your old Latin phrase “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware!) applied, it’s your Internet & inexpensive hosting. There are various hosting plans that anyone – even those with limited budget – can make use of.

First of all, your cheapest price you see is not always your cheapest price you get. Make sure it is not just an introductory price. Ethical registrars & resellers will usually signal an introductory price with a bright banner shouting something like “Just £1.99 a month,regular price £6.99.” After that your font size gets smaller declaring “renews at regular price.” You can bet that price reduction won’t last much beyond your time it takes to set up your site. Dishonest registrars and resellers won’t warn you at all. After they reel you in and your site is up & running is when you discover the real monthly price.

Watch out for offers of a free or unusually inexpensive domain with your hosting. You have been around long enough to know nothing is free. Your registrar or reseller pays the better part of ten dollars & more for any domain worth having & they won’t last long in business if they don’t pass your price on to you somewhere. This passing along will usually come about in 2 different ways: one, your price of hosting is higher than with a comparable site somewhere else; and two, the domain price soars ten to fifteen times as much the following year. They count on you being too busy to transfer. Rest assured that these days, you can get excellent inexpensive web hosting services without compromising web site performance. These would vary depending on the hosting package you’ve chosen to avail of. How user-friendly & intuitive is your control panel? Does your package include the e-commerce option (SSL, Shopping cart features)? This is important if your small-business entails actually making sales as opposed to merely generating leads. Do they support

  • autoresponders
  • email
  • pop3
  • imap
  • email forwarders
  • Are there PHP and MySQL capabilities?

Lastly, there are more security features for paid subscribers. When you put your data on a free account, there is high risk of it getting lost. Most inexpensive hosting companies do not make a back-up of free accounts. However, they mostly believe in saving data that is stored on a paid account, so that the customer can retrieve it, if needed. There are 2 dominant forces in the server-side programming language field. ASP & PHP, I suggest when faced with this choice you always go with PHP hosting for a number of reasons